Search results toolbar

The Search results commands are represented onto the toolbar. The toolbar consists of a number of buttons identified by icons and captions. If you leave the mouse cursor on a button for a moment, a small window with a description will appear.


  • To activate a command, click on the corresponding button with the left mouse button.
  • To get a short description of the function of each button, rest the mouse cursor over the button.
  • To customize the toolbar, right click on the toolbar and select item Customize toolbar. This opens the window which allows you to add or remove buttons from the toolbar.

    The Search results toolbar can contains the following buttons:

    Button Shortcut Description
    Content compare F6 Starts content comparison to find files with same content and full clones.
    Explore Alt+E This command starts Windows Explorer with a selected folder.
    Execute Enter This execute a selected file.
    Properties Alt+Enter This command opens properties dialog box for a selected file.
    Smart mark F7 This command opens the Smart mark window.
    Report Ctrl+R Allows to generate search results CSV report.
    Delete F8 This command opens the Delete preview window for marked files.
    Copy to F9 This command opens the Copy preview window for marked files.
    Move to F10 This command opens the Move preview window for marked files.
    Scan info Ctrl+I This command opens the Scan info window for a comparison.
    Navigator Ctrl+N Hides/Shows the Navigator pane in the main window.
    Mark group Ctrl+G Turn on/off tick box for files in the group.
    Mark all Ctrl+M Turn on/off tick boxes for all files in the table.

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