Last updated December 16, 2016
HCC Pro 2016 online Help

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1.Welcome to Clone Cleaner
   What is HCC?
   Versions history
   Getting started
   Frequently Asked Questions
   Quick start tutorial
2.User interface
   The keyboard shortcuts
   Add/Edit search path window
   Main menu
   Main window
   Current search set
   Sets store
   Search results
   Scan info (after scanning)
   Scan info (after content)
   Smart mark
   Copy files window
   Copying information
   Move files window
   Moving information
   Delete preview window
   Security alert message
   Delete confirmation window
   Delete information
   Remove empty folders
   Log viewer
   Options window
3.Registration and Licensing
   Privacy policy
   Return policy
   License agreement
4.About Clone Cleaner
   Getting program updates
   Support and feedback
   About Heatsoft Corporation